Meet the New 2024 Ram ProMaster

Unveiling the 2024 Model

The much-anticipated 2024 Ram ProMaster is coming to steal the show. This ultra-practical van undergoes little change from its previous edition, maintaining its reputation for practicality and reliability.

2024 Ram ProMaster

Impressive and Refreshing Exterior Design

Standard Roof vs High Roof: Make Your Choice

When customizing your 2024 Ram ProMaster, you'll have the option to decide between the standard roof and the high roof. The standard roof is perfect for those who don’t require extra headroom, making it ideal for standard transportation needs such as small-to-medium-sized deliveries. However, if you frequently transport tall materials or if you need more headroom for on-site work, the high roof option is designed for you. Equally efficient yet more accommodating, the high roof version is perfect for taking larger loads or turning your van into a mobile workshop. The flexibility of roof height offerings allows the 2024 Ram ProMaster to cater to the various needs of businesses and individuals alike.

The look of the Super High Roof Option

The Super High Roof option adds an impressive touch of practicality and style to the 2024 Ram ProMaster. With significant vertical clearance, it not only accommodates tall materials, bulky equipment, and extensive shipments but also enhances the van's overall appearance. The increased ceiling height also equates to greater headroom, making work within the van significantly more comfortable.

Step Inside the Interior of Innovation

Dimensions and Comfort: Redefining Space

The 2024 Ram ProMaster does an exceptional job of maximizing interior space and comfort for its occupants. With a seating capacity for two individuals, the spacious cabin provides a generous 38.8 inches of legroom and a class-leading headroom of 65.4 inches. These dimensions ensure comfortable journeys, irrespective of the travel duration. The Interior of the 2024 Ram ProMaster is tailored not just to accommodate individuals, but also the cargo. With a standard interior ceiling height that leads its class (based on the large commercial van segment), this van proves to be a valuable asset for your logistical requirements.

Headliner Storage: Making Every Inch Count

Utilizing every inch of available space for better functionality and organization, the 2024 Ram ProMaster offers a headliner storage option above the front seats. With additional compartments seamlessly integrated into the headliner, it's an ingenious solution to maximize your storage capabilities. You can easily and quickly access tools, gear and documents that you or your crew may need to bring along for the ride. The headliner features sturdy compartments ideal for small or frequently-required items, giving you easy accessibility and improved in-cabin organization for better work efficiency.

Pack it Up! Exceptional Cargo Capacity

Cargo Area Layout

Step into an expansive space designed for work efficiency. The 2024 Ram ProMaster offers a versatile, spacious cargo area that is designed for maximum utility. Offering a cargo area length of 8', a standard roof cargo height of 5' 6", and a cargo area width of 6' 3", the ProMaster offers enough space to accommodate large items. The different cargo height options provide you with between 304 to 520 cubic feet of cargo space, depending on your chosen configuration. This space is maximized with nearly vertical walls for a more effective use of the available volume. With an 86" super high roof option, you get a significant 520-Cubic Foot Maximum Cargo Space to fit in taller items, like ladders, or to help you comfortably move around the van's interior.

Exploring Additional Towing Capabilities

The 2024 Ram ProMaster is a van that understands the need for substantial towing capacity. The vehicle demonstrates spectacular hauling capabilities with its maximum payload of 4,000 lbs and an outstanding towing capacity of up to 6,910 lb when properly equipped. Offering such substantial towing capability, the ProMaster ensures that the weight of your cargo never becomes a hindrance. Whether your business involves transporting furniture, construction materials, or heavy equipment, the 2024 Ram ProMaster facilitates these tasks without compromise. With the correct towing equipment, you can tow trailers or add extended cargo space with ease, making this van an indispensable tool for any demanding business or daunting task.

Power Under the Hood: The Engine

Performance and Efficiency

Under the hood of the 2024 Ram ProMaster lies the trusted 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine, providing durable, proven power. Equipped with this engine, the ProMaster generates an impressive output of 276 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a front-wheel-drive system and a smooth-shifting six-speed automatic transmission for a unique combination of performance and fuel efficiency. According to users' informations, the fuel economy of the ProMaster sits moderately in the van segment with a combined rating of approximately 16-18 MPG for city and highway driving. This impressive efficiency is a result of superior aerodynamics and smart engine technology. Considering performance, the ProMaster can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in approximately 8.0 seconds, further showcasing its dynamism and agility. This van manages to blend performance, reliability, and efficiency seamlessly, making it a perfect choice for demanding and versatile business needs.

Sneak Peek into Different 2024 Ram ProMaster Configurations

The 2024 Ram ProMaster is available in a myriad of configurations to properly cater to each owner's requirements. For standard needs, a choice between Tradesman and SLT would suffice. However, if you seek additional amenities choose the SLT+ model to utilize various advanced features. The Tradesman base model offers keyless entry and amenities like wireless smartphone connectivity, and a touch screen display. The SLT model upgrades these amenities with features like keyless ignition and a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep you connected on the go. The highest end SLT+ model incorporates superior features. It is equipped with safety features like emergency brake assist, forward collision warning, and parking assist, ensuring a secure and comfortable ride. No matter what model you choose, there are additional options for more customization, like increased cargo space and capability. Thus, the Ram ProMaster can be seamlessly tailored to suit your business and personal needs.

Integrated Technology – Enhancing the Drive Experience

Entertainment and Connectivity Features

The 2024 Ram ProMaster isn't just about business and workload; it also provides an engaging and connected driving experience. The infotainment system in this van is user-friendly and comprehensive, which contributes to a comfortable and entertaining journey. A prominent 5-inch display makes the center of the dashboard. Here the Uconnect® 3 NAV system introduces GPS Navigation, Bluetooth® streaming audio, and Hands-Free calling. You also have the option for integrated Voice Command, which allows you to manage your music, make a call, or enter a destination—all through spoken commands. A media hub is also present that includes two USB ports and an auxiliary outlet, allowing easy connectivity for your devices. For extended coverage, you could avail the built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, thus, the 2024 Ram ProMaster ensures that you’re always connected, entertained and on the right path.

Roadside Assistance & Other Support Features

The 2024 Ram ProMaster places a high worth on your peace of mind. With the 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program, you can reach out for help anytime, anywhere. This service assists with lockouts, flat tires, battery jump-starts, out of fuel situations, and even vehicle towing if necessary, all to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible. Along with the roadside assistance, the Ram ProMaster offers the Business Link program for business owners. With benefits like expedited service and complimentary shuttles, this program is designed to help improve your business as a preferred commercial customer. Learn more about these services here. Finally, each Ram ProMaster comes with a complimentary window sticker upon purchase. The sticker provides information about vehicle configurations, features, and other specifications to provide a comprehensive view of what your vehicle offers.

Stay Safe with Robust Security Measures

In-built Safety and Security Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to the 2024 Ram ProMaster. The van stacks up high with its numerous safety and driver-assistance features designed to provide a secure and confident drive. Here's a brief snapshot of some of the key safety features:

  • Forward Collision Warning: Equipped as standard, this feature monitors the road ahead and alerts you if a potential collision is detected.

  • Parking Assistance: Available Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist systems take over the steering and guide your vehicle into parking spaces. Remember, this is a driver convenience system and not a substitute for active driver involvement.

  • Drowsy Driver Detection: This technology monitors your driving behavior and provides alerts when it detects signs of drowsiness.

  • Digital Rearview Mirror: An available Digital Rearview Mirror uses an LCD monitor to give you a high-definition view of the road behind you, even with a fully loaded cargo area.

  • Emergency Brake Assist: This feature enhances braking in an attempt to avoid a collision or reduce the impact of a collision if it's not avoidable.

The 2024 RAM ProMaster In Walla Walla, Washington At Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Of Walla Walla

If you're looking for a reliable workhorse that provides cargo space and configurations to suit your work, get the 2024 RAM ProMaster, our team of experts in Walla Walla, Washington are here to guide you towards your next vehicle. We can't wait to see you behind the wheel of the iconic RAM ProMaster. Feel free to give us a call or stop in to Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Walla Walla if you have any questions about the new 2024 RAM ProMaster. We're thrilled to address any inquiries you may have about its price, engine performance, and other incredible features.

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  • No Charge Worry-Free Maintenance
  • Confidence with Vehicle Protection
  • Dedicated 24/7 Owner Support
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  • No Charge Worry-Free Maintenance
  • Confidence with Vehicle Protection
  • Dedicated 24/7 Owner Support
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