2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Towing Capacity

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Are you wondering if the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s towing capacity lives up to your expectations? The 2023 model reaches around 7,200 pounds when properly equipped. That’s more than enough power to haul your work gear or get your boat out to the lake. Along with a strong towing capacity, the new Jeep Grand Cherokee provides the grit you need to get your chores done faster and easier. Read on to learn more about what the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee can do for you.

How Much Can the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tow?

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You can build your 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee by choosing from three trim levels and three engine options. Each engine provides strong towing capabilities and a payload capacity of about 1,000 pounds. Here’s a closer look at what each engine is capable of:

3.6L Pentastar V-6 Engine

The 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine can tow up to 6,200 pounds and deliver 293 horsepower. It comes with a start-stop technology that automatically detects a lack of vehicle motion. When it detects that the brake pedal is pressed and the vehicle is out of gear, it automatically reduces the fuel flow and turns off the engine to achieve maximum efficiency.

5.7L HEMI V-8 Engine

The 5.7L HEMI V-8 engine delivers around 390 lb-ft of torque and 357 horsepower for a towing capacity of about 7,200 pounds. The engine comes with a fuel-saving technology that automatically deactivates four cylinders for maximum efficiency when using all eight cylinders isn’t necessary.

2.0L I-4 DOHC DI Turbo PHEV Engine

Paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the 4xe hybrid powertrain generates around 470 lb-ft of torque and 375 horsepower for a towing capacity of about 6,000 pounds. This engine combines incredible energy efficiency and advanced capability.

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tow Package and Features

In addition to its impressive towing capacity, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers several unique features that’ll make your towing jobs much easier, including the following:

Trailer Sway Control

This technology uses sensors in your Jeep to detect an excessively swaying trailer and takes the appropriate actions to stop the sway. The system automatically reduces engine power and applies the brake(s) on the appropriate wheel(s) to counteract the trailer’s sway. The trailer sway control automatically becomes active when it recognizes excessive swaying. No driver action is necessary.

Hill Descent Control

Hill descent control is a driver-assistance technology that holds your Jeep at a specific speed with no inputs while you travel downhill or on unsteady terrain. Think about it as a very slow off-road cruise control.

The main purpose of hill decent control is safety. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about modulating the brake and gas pedals. This allows you to focus on steering the Jeep to the safest spots. In addition, it prevents your vehicle from picking up speed and hitting dangerous obstacles.

Hill Start Assist

The hill start assist (HSA) system helps you accelerate the Grand Cherokee from a complete stop while on an incline. If you release the brake while stopped on an incline, the system continues to hold your brake pressure for a short period. If you don’t apply the throttle before this time expires, the HSA automatically releases the brake pressure, and the Jeep will roll down the hill as normal. The HSA will release the brake pressure in proportion to the amount of throttle you apply.

Quadra-Lift Suspension

With electronic semi-active damping, Grand Cherokee’s class-exclusive Quadra-Lift air suspension automatically lowers the vehicle at highway speeds to boost aerodynamics. If you’re off-roading, it allows you to raise the vehicle to clear obstacles on the trail.

Selec-Terrain Traction Management System

This system allows you to choose from multiple settings, each of which provides optimal performance for various road conditions. It’s designed to optimize grip in all conditions. The multiple modes include:

  • Auto: This mode automatically detects the terrain, engine torque, and vehicle speed to determine which mode to use.
  • Snow: This mode is ideal for slippery conditions at low speeds. It provides maximum traction by controlling the braking force and engine torque while maintaining steering control.
  • Mud/Sand: This is intended for driving in very soft mud or sand. When traction is limited due to high tire pressure and slippage, excessive wheel breakage and spinning can occur. This mode reduces wheel slippage by controlling the braking force and engine torque while maintaining steering control.
  • Rock: You can use this mode if you’re driving on rocky terrain or steep hillsides where traction is limited due to excessive wheel spin or high tire pressures that can cause loss of control. This mode boosts performance by applying maximum engine torque, raising the throttle position, and applying a slip differential to increase traction.

Quadra-Drive II

A standard feature on the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, this advanced four-wheel-drive system delivers up to 100% of engine torque to a single rear wheel for maximum traction on unpredictable terrain.

Tow Hooks

While off-roading is fun, it can be frustrating if you get stuck. Every Grand Cherokee Trailhawk model comes with its signature red tow hooks. Aside from adding style, the vibrant red color allows you to easily spot the tow hook when stuck in mud or at night. The Trailhawk model has one rear tow hook and two in front.

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