Bullet Liner Spray on bed liner in walla walla, wa

Rooted in a heritage of ingenuity that spans more than 30 years, Bullet Liner was founded by the team that started the entire spray on truck bed liner industry. Today, we infuse 4th generation innovation and extensive technological research to create the most advanced protective spray for truck beds and other uses available anywhere.


  • Bullet Liner vs. Another Popular Spray-on Liner: Proven TOUGHER in Testing

    Based on international standards for measuring puncture resistance, tear resistance, and adhesion to surfaces – key factors in determining toughness and durability – tests show Bullet Liner comes out ahead.

  • Bullet Liner is committed to providing you with the utmost quality in polyurethane spray coating protectant by the most highly skilled and trained technicians in their field. The investment you make in your vehicle, boat or trailer with one of our certified dealers is a choice we take very seriously and support to your highest satisfaction. Our lifetime warranty guarantees superior protection, that Bullet Liner will not flake, bubble or crack, no matter what extremes its exposed to, for the life of your vehicle.

  • A vehicle protected with Bullet Liner truck bed liner spray stays on the road longer. Our advanced technology spray-on polyurea protectant guards vehicles and cargo from costly damage, while also providing important safety benefits. Turns, hills and quick stops can all lead to dangerous cargo shifting, which can cause skids and potential accidents, increasing the potential for operator injury. At the least, this can potentially damage important cargo. Having a non-slip footing during loading and unloading is essential – and big rig flooring coated with Bullet Liner helps to improve overall safety and avoid accidents from falls by work crew.

  • Bullet Liner Walla Walla, WA

    For ATV/UTV enthusiasts, bike owners and off-roaders, we know that your dirt toys are everything. Bullet Liner’s spray-on protection forms a sealed finish that provides protection against the most rugged abrasion Mother Nature can throw your way. Our tough, but attractive, polyurethane grip tight finish provides an almost indestructible barrier of protection for nearly any surface or object to which its applied.

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